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Titania Hunter (born October 1999) in Charlotte, North Carolina is an American multidisciplinary visual artist. She obtained her Associate in Arts degree from Central Piedmont Community College in 2020 and went on to study at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she is earning a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. One of her paintings, Imaginary Worlds, featured in Atkins Annex. Career Center Art Gallery at UNC Charlotte, from August 2023 to April 2024. Hunter, featured in blogs and numerous publications including Make Me Available (MMA) Christian Faith Blog, The Independent Tribune, Voyage Raleigh Magazine, Canvas Rebel Magazine, Bold Journey Magazine, Salmon Creek Journal #24 pg. 133 print issue 'Rebirth and Reemergence', and her digital art collaboration piece, 'SAVOR,' was featured in Godspell: Modern Day Psalms by CJ Osbrink, a book published on Amazon (Kindle), pg. 254-258. She received the Roderick MacKillop Memorial Painting Merit Scholarship Award (2023-2024), and her work will be shown on the College of Arts & Architecture Virtual Gallery website. This year, she will be showcasing her work in the BFA degree exhibition in Rowe Art Gallery at UNC Charlotte. Titania Hunter is currently living and working in her home studio out of Charlotte, NC.

artist statement

My work discusses my Christian faith in a visual form and shows emotion and human expression. It captures an individual life story, experiences, and perspective from their childhood, past, or from the biblical text---referring to both testaments. Not only that, but my own experiences are another way that motivates me to create my paintings. They are a reflection of the struggles, trials, and tribulations I faced. Everyone has a story, some often untold. From this, I want to uplift and inspire viewers based on the story of the paintings. Valuable objects, antiques, and photographs, either old or new, are shown alongside the bodies of work. I want to invite the viewers to come closer and look at how the objects and paintings become cohesive. I want them to make personal connections and spark meaningful questions or conversations. The work of art is enhanced using acrylic mediums and magazine and newspaper clippings to create captivating textures. Meanwhile, creating confident gestural mark-making while adding and subtracting paint on medium to large surfaces.

Through the study of many styles and forms in painting, I have been interested in combining abstraction with realism. I want my work to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, specifically towards the color palette and texture. I believe in creating something very personal that is often spiritually and biblically connected. During my creative processes for my paintings, I plan and gather inspiration. I would interview someone willing to be a part of the progress. I would ask, "What do you feel the most comfortable sharing about your life or childhood during this interview?” “What was it like?” “What were the highs and lows?” And more importantly, “What were the challenges you had to overcome?" Then, I will begin a photo shoot of the model, gathering references and sketching what the painting will look like. I will continue and repeat the process: interview, take photos, sketch, and then paint. Other times, my paintings are done prophetically. Prophetic art is about showing a message from God through visual imagery. 

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