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The Full Story

Another collaboration with Christine
@the.fourfour (Instagram)

Christine Janelle "CJ" is a Worshipper/Cross-Genre Creative, Spoken Word Poet

Starting a collaboration with Christine Janelle "CJ" was the beginning of a blessed partnership, we are doing it all for Him, God Almighty! We give all the Glory and Praise to God for everything. We are thankful for all the love and support that we both received from everyone on Instagram.

Many more to come! PTL!!!

BTS recap: CJ wrote this poem a few months ago and through a divine connection on IG, met @titaniahunterart , who created a beautiful, vibrant acrylic painting, to perfectly capture the essence of the words! 🌟👑🤩  This is an @the.fourfour first, in terms of female collaboration and we could not be more thrilled to present this project! 🌹✨ As only God could do, our partnership is truly miraculous: two on fire warriors in the Spirit, worshippers at our core and motherless daughters at a young age, who have both been hard fought by the enemy, and had to overcome many circumstances and obstacles in life, that were outside our control, to get to the season of ministry we are both currently in.   We can both testify: Jesus is everything and a Redeemer!!!  🙌🙌  His grace alone, kept us though darkest valley and He protected us through it all, hallelujah...🙏💪🔥 We also represent Kingdom diversity, with our two ethnicities, which is a huge part of unity and representation--it is both of our hearts desire, to see this creative #renaissanceandrevival reflect that! Women can be bold, beautiful, fierce, kind, and cheer eachother on well! 😍
God created a beautiful world for all of us to enjoy, life is short - don't withhold, live generous, grateful, forgiving and love extravagantly!!  If we can be present in the moments, we can get closer to the nature of His heart.  💓


Original Visual Art, Digital Acrylic Painting by Titania Hunter.

The art piece on the right was created after reading one of Christine's Original Written Spoken Word Poems, "Spectrum".

"I am filled with happiness and joy because I am thankful for having this AMAZING opportunity in collaborating with an talented poet! Also, happy to have met CJ, and share ideas with her!" -TH

Spectrum (Digital Art) Collaboration_edited.jpg
Spectrum (Digital Art) Collaboration.jpeg



"ALL GLORY for our gifts and talents is unto Christ, our Lord!! ❤️❤️🔥🔥  He has sealed this work and we pray it encourages other creatives and especially, inspires women to stretch and join forces, shining bright, unashamed, for such a time as this." -Christine @the.fourfour


@the.fourfour "amen! Got tingles of the Spirit as I read this... Praise God for pouring out His gifts so generously on those like yourself who ask for the eyes to see, the ears to hear & the mind to glimpse the heights, breadths & depths of His Kingdom!!!!!" ❤️❤️❤️

Original spoken word (poetic reflection) written by: Christine @the.fourfour

Daring journey; on a magical ride, little time to soak in precious sights
Breathless sunrises, bow to sunsets, no holding back or aching regrets
Moments cradle twinkling stars on their wings, Creator of haunted nuances; prettiest little things
"Let there be light" births bashful twilights, not one reflects another
On fire, human desires, wrap it up with a velvet bow, never know when it's time to go
Drown in ebbing, majestic bliss, hard kiss and be bold, own the shift
Linger, glance, fleeting, delicate details, dance like your soul burns, pull back veils

Wishing well words, hit do not disturb, whisper sweet nothings, under covers in the dark; fan orange flames of hot sparks
Definitive marks: He makes all beautiful, in it's time
Embracing the wild, unpredictable rush, letting raw emotions He set in motion, touch us
Lay in motionless wonder, under, nature swept spells, peer deep into glory wells
Shine, sing loudly, trips around a sun, caught up by fierce beats of a roaring Lion
Cup the bright colored world in your hands, relish all you can, then, just stand
Tender hearts break, to open up wide, salute ocean possibilities, flooding inside
Vibrant pieces of amazing grace: love in soft skin, to every face
Stay wide awake, swim in serendipitous intake; five senses infiltrate, inundate
Exquisite gallery of mind, body, spirit: He hung on red alters of worship, to eternally secure it, attuning our ears to hear it

Don't know what you have 'til it's gone
Don't know what it means 'til the dawn

Run passionate, rage on; right what needs saving in spite
Of echoless chambers of culture that slight, vast expanse hymns of heavenly might
Never walk casually, into dark night: savor sensations, hyssop sublime, overflowing, uninhibited, Holy ghost wine
Let your guard down, become a new sound
Whole earth groans, revealing unfolds: we wither, like bladed green grass; fading pastel flowers don't last
Joy, makes time fly fast; protects perilously fragile, from shattering like glass
One unglamorous, exhilarating life: salt and light, "seated at the right hand" heights
Inception and benediction, fatefully collide; unhindered, undone, abide in His favor



Spectrum (Digital Art) Collaboration_edited.jpg

- (From Instagram post)

"💖 Savor💖 So much passion! 💖 Savor every moment 💖 He does make all things beautiful in His time 💖 More beautiful than we could ever have imagined 💖 The dark becomes beautiful when His light shines though and we see we have grown deeper in faith and love and hope 💖"

"The artwork goes sooo well with the poem 😍 two talented and God fearing souls worshipping and glorifying our Lord 👏👏 I hope to see more collabs from you two!" 🔥🔥

"If I could describe how you live and respond to our Savior it would be THIS. You live and worship and pour out your life with such richness and beauty my friend!!!"❤️🙌❤️

- (From Instagram post)

- (From Instagram post)

Spectrum (Digital Art) Collaboration_edited.jpg

- (From Instagram post)

"🔥💜🧡💛🍀💯🎨 spectacular artistic work both in the composition and the colorful range 😍"

"2 beautiful souls creating beautiful art🙌🔥🔥🔥"

"Simply put, you set yourself free in this poem, CJ. Putting yourself so close to something magnificent."

- (From Instagram post)

- (From Instagram post)

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 (NIV) ❤️
"I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil - this is the gift of God."

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