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Collected Fragments,
2023 BFA Senior Exhibition

(University of North Carolina at Charlotte) - Lower, Upper, Side Rowe Galleries

Collected Fragments embodied the varying experiences of 15 emerging artists, intertwined by themes of introspection, reflection, and the passing of time. This 2D/3D exhibition drawn together the graduating BFA seniors and celebrated their work as one before they pursue their creative careers.

PAST EXHIBITION from Nov.15th to Dec.6th 2023

exhibition statement 

Everyone has a story, some often untold. For this exhibition, I created a series of portraits of my family members: my mother, father, sister, nana, and grandparents. Each painting exhibits layered texture and paper clippings to capture them from their childhood or past. Alongside my paintings, I incorporated valuable objects, antiques, and photographs, either old or new. Hearing each individual’s life and stories were very touching, and learning about the obstacles they endured and what they had to overcome. Creating my mother’s painting was a different experience for me. She is no longer with us. She passed away in October 2021. Even though she is gone, unforgettable memories of my mother remain. I created an art piece to dedicate her life. As a whole, I want the series of paintings to touch hearts, uplift and inspire viewers based on the stories of my family members. 

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